Date : 01/07/2023
About the role

Black & White Engineering (B&W) is a leading MEP design consultancy. Launched in the UAE in 2007, we became an independent company in 2014 and are now a true global consultancy with offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Our engineering expertise reaches across all sectors of the construction industry, providing pragmatic and practical design solutions to ensure our projects are spatially and operationally efficient. Our design process fully considers the installation and maintenance practicalities on site.

As a business, our ambition is to be a leading global MEP consultancy and as a purposeful employer, our ELV Team is critical to our overall success.

Reporting to the Technical Director – Electrical and ELV Head in UAE, this role will work in collaboration with local and global team to meet the objectives. The ideal candidate will have experience in designing and managing projects, and must have knowledge to work on Excel, Navis, and BIM 360.

We have ambitious growth plans, so key priorities will include:

  • Developing skills, knowledge, and experience in electrical services and other disciplines
  • Planning, organising, and coordinating all disciplines
  • Thinking and decision making with assistance where required
  • Communication in clear terms, both oral and written
  • Teamwork and leadership are keys to success at this level

This is a hands-on role, working closely with several global teams alongside local leaders and engineering teams to ensure the required level of resource is in place to deliver the objectives and KPI’s of projects.

Your recommendations, conversations, and plans are based on a thorough understanding of both internal and external data and insights. By maintaining close proximity to this information, we aim to offer the best practice support to our teams.

  • The overall performance of the group office or function as part of the management team
  • One or more areas of technology/discipline/sector lead
  • Promoting learning from successes and problems within the group and across the business
  • Promotes innovation
  • The development and/or implementation of plans for the longer-term benefit of the office or group
  • Assisting with the recruitment, appraisal, performance, work, development, and morale and motivation of specified staff
  • Providing robust directional and honest feedback to staff
  • Leading design for ELV systems like BMS, EMPS, Fire Alarm, Security, Telecom, Data & AV System
  • Coordination with the Global ELV Design Head
  • Organising training needs for groups and teams
  • Financial performance in specified areas e.g., healthy profit and cash flow
  • Procuring work, negotiating significant contracts or agreements with customers and or suppliers
  • Has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Building Services Engineering from an appropriate education institute, or equivalent qualification or sufficient experience

Developing skills, knowledge, and experience

Taking the initiative in developing self and career; continuously assessing own abilities and aspirations, and evaluates them against suitable development and career opportunities within Black & White; fostering the long-term learning and development of others, and has a focus on the development intent and effect rather than on the formal role of training; striving to advance technical skills which differentiate Black & White from competitors; and demonstrating skill and technical competence in the discipline.

  • Commits to own and others’ continuing professional development
  • Actively develops the knowledge, experience, and skills of others, including those in other groups or offices e.g., acts as a mentor or coach, delivers training events, etc.
  • Being sought out by others within and outside Black & White for their professional and technical expertise
  • Supports the Technical Committee and drives or leads on technical initiatives
  • Brings wide and varied experience to their professional or technical area e.g., experience in working in different locations
  • Specialist technical knowledge or sector expertise
  • Recognised as an expert within Black & White and the industry in his/her own region
  • Writes articles for relevant trade or technical publications
  • Provides thought leadership to discussions and resolutions of industry issues
  • Promotes a culture of quality in the team, ensuring others can get things right first time

Planning and Organising

Identifying objectives clearly, planning actions, allocating tasks, and monitoring progress; coordinating with and informing others as necessary; having the ability to juggle different conflicting demands and priorities; and ensuring delivery is planned to include sufficient time for QA or QC.

  • Adopts simplicity in approach to problems and solutions
  • Liaises with other teams, the customer, and other external partners to organise everyone’s time efficiently
  • Makes significant changes in own area to meet strategic needs
  • Realistic about own and others’ capabilities
  • Ensures people have the investment/resources/training they need to carry out their jobs and projects
  • Switches quickly between different levels of thinking to be able to stand back and see the big picture
  • Runs meetings efficiently, issues agendas in good time, ensures subjects are covered and actions taken
  • Manages resources across multiple disciplines/functions/locations on a continuing basis

Thinking and Decision Making

Analytical, creative, and conceptual thinking; the ability to evaluate options, consider the consequences and implications, reach conclusions, and make recommendations and decisions.

  • Deals with complex escalated problems within own area
  • Creates new or better operational processes
  • Makes time to review projects to identify and learn from successes and problems
  • Thinks beyond the immediate task in hand and considers the impact of decisions further down the line
  • Challenges existing working practices and suggests improvements
  • Identifies patterns and trends and recommends action
  • Provides in-depth analysis of problems and proposes solutions
  • Brings others in to contribute to solutions
  • Fosters the development of new ideas in others
  • Is active in one or more Technical Committees, using the networks as a means of engaging with others to identify and develop new process or approaches
  • Examines own area and compares methods and outcomes with other parts of Black & White and externally i.e., benchmarks own area’s performance and acts to improve
  • Takes difficult decisions, explaining or defending the decision
  • Criticises constructively
  • Predicts long-term effects of current approaches by analysing entire processes; recommends alternative strategies

Commercial Awareness and Acumen

Understanding the importance of financial success and the willingness or ability to act in the interest of achieving it; negotiating the best terms for Black & White; managing legal and contractual aspects; and desiring to work efficiently, as time is money.

  • Ensures Black & White competes effectively through a thorough understanding of external market conditions (fees, scope of service, conditions)
  • Inputs to the overall business operating plan
  • Considers both the cost and benefit to Black & White when making proposals for action
  • Ensures Black & White competes effectively through a thorough understanding of external market conditions (fees, scope of service, conditions)
  • Includes contingency allowances in negotiated fees/costs/budgets
  • Benchmarks fees or costs against market rates
  • Works to minimise costs and risks, and maximise income
  • Demonstrates good commercial judgement, evaluating risks and making recommendations to reject commercially unattractive opportunities
  • Negotiates most favourable contractual and financial terms and conditions with customers or suppliers
  • Considers alternative fee structures, minimizes or caps the liability of Black & White in any agreement
  • Knows what the “One Global Team” approach can offer and promotes this to the customers
  • Understands Black & White’s financial bidding processes and complies with them
  • Delegates work to achieve best value
  • Tenaciously chases cash for own projects

Building Customer/Client Relationships

The desire to delight customers (may be other individuals or offices within Black & White) by concentrating on discovering, understanding, and satisfying needs; networking, bringing people, opportunities, and activities together; and arranging win/win solutions.

  • Acts with integrity, is straight-talking, respectful, and fair
  • Actively investigates the client’s commercial aspirations and business needs, or finds out how the customer intends to use or benefit from the service being delivered
  • Keeps in touch with customers between projects
  • Is firm with customers when appropriate without causing unnecessary confrontation
  • Uses personal achievements and the achievements of Black & White to the full in attracting clients
  • Liaises with customers, keeps them informed, seeks feedback, listens to complaints and praise, manages expectations, and responds appropriately
  • Keeps in touch with customers between projects
  • Tailors service offered to customers’ needs (real and perceived)
  • Is firm with customers when appropriate without causing unnecessary confrontation
  • Identifies influencers and decision makers
  • Thinks of how a person can be of value to other people they know
  • Invests own time in fostering relationships with external business associates
  • Proactively looks for potential issues and activities in terms of public relations


Receiving, interpreting, and imparting information and ideas, both written and spoken, to a wide range of people, influencing others.

  • Debriefs and gives feedback sensitively, gives constructive criticism whilst at the same time keeping up motivation
  • Where there is disagreement, facilitates discussion to negotiate a way forward
  • Works to enhance Black & White’s reputation e.g., through maximising PR opportunities
  • Makes persuasive high-level presentations internally and externally
  • Good understanding of own culture, own body language, and their impact on others’ cultures; perceptive about hidden agendas
  • Chairs meetings effectively; listens well, encourages others to offer ideas, collects facts, and defines a way forward

Teamwork and Leadership

Working in a group in a complementary fashion, which when effective, produces a holistic solution; liaising and cooperating with others; and being aware of own and others’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Promotes and enforces a culture of respect and inclusion of all in the business
  • Supports others, even when they have made mistakes
  • Identifies and actions training needs (own and others)
  • Motivates without formal authority e.g., initiatives spanning across several groups
  • Conducts regular team update meetings and shares or cascades information to colleagues in a timely and appropriate fashion
  • Embraces change and is quick to role model the change
  • Spots when tasks or projects are going off the rails and intervenes/assists in good time
  • Deals with people issues fairly and consistently
  • Strengthens team by incorporating specialists
  • Incorporates existing staff into the team even if they have less than an ideal profile
  • Actively supports and implements business management systems
  • Ensures Project Managers on team actively update capstats
Our Values
  • Accountability: Everyone is accountable.
  • Integrity: We are straight-talking, respectful, and fair.
  • Simplicity: Both in our approach and solutions.
  • Supportive: We are approachable, inclusive, and we recognise success.
  • Quality: We strive to get it right first time, every time.
Our Strategic Themes
  • Client first
  • One Global Team
  • Employer of Choice
  • Growth
  • Innovation