Date : 01/07/2023
About the role

Black & White Engineering (B&W) is a leading MEP design consultancy. Launched in the UAE in 2007, we became an independent company in 2014 and are now a true global consultancy with offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Our engineering expertise reaches across all sectors of the construction industry, providing pragmatic and practical design solutions to ensure our projects are spatially and operationally efficient. Our design process fully considers the installation and maintenance practicalities on site.

As a business, our ambition is to be a leading global MEP consultancy and as a purposeful employer, our Mechanical Team is critical to our overall success.

Reporting to the Senior Mechanical Engineer, this role will work in collaboration with local and global team to meet the objectives. The ideal candidate will have experience in designing and managing projects, and must have knowledge to work on Excel, HAP, Pipe Flo, Navis, and BIM 360.

We have ambitious growth plans, so key priorities will include:

  • Developing skills, knowledge, and experience in mechanical services and other disciplines
  • Planning, organising, and coordinating all disciplines
  • Thinking and decision making with assistance where required
  • Communication in clear terms, both oral and written
  • Teamwork and leadership are keys to success at this level

This is a hands-on role, working closely with several global teams alongside local leaders and engineering teams to ensure the required level of resource is in place to deliver the objectives and KPI’s of projects.

Your recommendations, conversations, and plans are based on a thorough understanding of both internal and external data and insights. By maintaining close proximity to this information, we aim to offer the best practice support to our teams.

  • Works on defined tasks under limited supervision with some independence
  • Promotes innovation
  • Responsible for checking the quality and accuracy of own work
  • Responsible for producing routine letters and/or reports and other documents from standard templates
  • Responsible for the effective organisation of information and documentation e.g., filing, QA, etc.
  • Responsible for meeting agreed deadlines
  • Has a relevant degree in Mechanical Building Services Engineering, or equivalent qualification or sufficient experience

Developing skills, knowledge, and experience

Taking the initiative in developing self and career; continuously assessing own abilities and aspirations, and evaluates them against suitable development and career opportunities within Black & White; fostering the long-term learning and development of others, and has a focus on the development intent and effect rather than on the formal role of training; striving to advance technical skills which differentiate Black & White from competitors; and demonstrating skill and technical competence in the discipline.

  • Is able to state own career aspirations
  • Knows where to find available data or who to ask for it
  • Seeks experience for a broad range of tasks and activities e.g., types of work, different customers or clients
  • Identifies own training and development needs and ways to meet them
  • Working towards a professional qualification or certification, if one exists for the individual’s profession in the location
  • Takes advantage of formal and informal development opportunities
  • Developing skills in relevant software
  • Seeks out and adopts best practices by consulting with others in the profession to establish what works elsewhere
  • Shares knowledge with others e.g., volunteers to share information to the team, participates in Technical Committee and/or knowledge forums
  • Takes an interest in issues associated with relevant industries

Planning and Organising

Identifying objectives clearly, planning actions, allocating tasks, and monitoring progress; coordinating with and informing others as necessary; having the ability to juggle different conflicting demands and priorities; and ensuring delivery is planned to include sufficient time for QA or QC.

  • Adopts simplicity in approach to problems and solutions
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of objectives set by others
  • Breaks down tasks and simplifies them
  • Knows when to ask for extra help
  • Looks ahead for problems
  • Prioritises own workload on a day-to-day basis
  • Works within time constraints
  • Organises information effectively e.g., filing systems, diaries, schedules, etc.
  • Uses appropriate tools effectively
  • Has a structured approach to activities

Thinking and Decision Making

Analytical, creative, and conceptual thinking; the ability to evaluate options, consider the consequences and implications, reach conclusions, and make recommendations and decisions.

  • Follows well-defined procedures
  • Uses established practices
  • Finds ways around problems and offers solutions
  • Collects information, canvasses opinion, and weighs up alternatives to make decisions
  • Quickly responds to the most critical issues and uses them to suggest new solutions
  • Constructively criticises own ideas and those of others, making them as better ideas and shares them with others
  • Decides if a specialist’s advice is needed to complete a task

Commercial Awareness and Acumen

Understanding the importance of financial success and the willingness or ability to act in the interest of achieving it; negotiating the best terms for Black & White; and managing legal and contractual aspects.

  • Manages own time and activities
  • Takes cost and time implications into account before acting
  • Manages time to keep within agreed budgets
  • Makes efficient use of Black & White’s resources e.g., recycles, saves energy, avoids waste, etc.

Building Customer/Client Relationships

The desire to delight customers (may be other individuals or offices within Black & White) by concentrating on discovering, understanding, and satisfying needs; networking, bringing people, opportunities, and activities together; and arranging win/win solutions.

  • Acts with integrity, is straight-talking, respectful, and fair
  • Gains a good understanding of customer needs early on
  • Adopts a communication style and medium (face-to-face, e-mail, etc.) appropriate to the message and the intended audience
  • Polite, open, honest, and fair, even when handling differences of opinion or approach
  • Expresses opinions, listens to others, and takes on board their views
  • Gets things done tactfully and diplomatically
  • Can see things from another person’s point-of-view
  • Delivers on commitments made
  • Works effectively with others from different social or cultural backgrounds
  • Gets to meet and collaborate with people within Black & White


Receiving, interpreting, and imparting information and ideas, both written and spoken, to a wide range of people, influencing others.

  • Communicates and presents information in the most appropriate format e.g., graphically, verbally, email, face-to-face
  • Confidently imparts information and confirms details
  • Sets out information in a logical way
  • Articulates and gives clear explanations e.g., of ideas, of job procedures to others, etc.
  • Listens and asks in order to understand what is really required
  • Checks and proofreads own written communication before passing it on or sending it out
  • Keeps the team or Line Manager informed of any difficulties

Teamwork and Leadership

Working in a group in a complementary fashion, which when effective, produces a holistic solution; liaising and cooperating with others; and being aware of own and others’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Treats everyone with respect, irrespective of their level, background, gender, or discipline or profession
  • Accountable for own actions and consequences
  • Self-aware, understands their role in the team
  • Judges the right time to ask for help and information
  • Is supportive, showing others how to do things e.g., how to use equipment, machines, software, etc.
  • Expresses own views but accepts compromises in the interests of the overall situation
  • Relates to and works with people at all levels
  • Looks beyond immediate concerns and seeks to improve the operations of the team
  • Includes all members of the team in delivering the objectives, working effectively with other professionals, specialists, and support staff
Our Values
  • Accountability: Everyone is accountable.
  • Integrity: We are straight-talking, respectful, and fair.
  • Simplicity: Both in our approach and solutions.
  • Supportive: We are approachable, inclusive, and we recognise success.
  • Quality: We strive to get it right first time, every time.
Our Strategic Themes
  • Client first
  • One Global Team
  • Employer of Choice
  • Growth
  • Innovation