Nelson and Ramil Celebrate 10 years!


Last week we celebrated 10 years of service completed by Nelson Corp, Electrical Site Inspector and our Document Controller, Ramil Bagabaldo. “The continued staff loyalty and commitment remains at the core of our continued success. This is something they should be immensely proud of and I am extremely happy to celebrate this milestone!” comments Mick Cairns, CEO.

“10 years of working for Black & White has been truly amazing and I consider the company as family.” says Nelson. He prides himself as hardworking, being patient and being punctual! “Thank you very much for the recognition, and for many more years to come.”

Ramil remembers initially not wanting to leave the Philippines for Dubai, but once he decided to make the move he hasn’t looked back and is still here 10 years later! “I am doing well in my job, and I plan to continue my career here. I do return to the Philippines, however that is just for vacations!”

Congratulations to both Nelson and Ramil. We are looking forward to the next 10 years!