Our NEW Global Design Hub in Manila is now officially open!


We are thrilled to announce the successful relocation of our Manila team to our brand-new office situated at 1 Ayala Avenue, right at the heart of the bustling Central Business District of Makati, Philippines.

The space of our new office is a significant upgrade for our Manila team, providing them with ample room for meetings and collaborations. We have expanded the pantry area, added more meeting spaces, and enhanced the reception and storage facilities. These enhancements ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Our new office offers an unparalleled 360-degree view, allowing our team members to enjoy panoramic view of four major skylines and cities within Metro Manila. It also offers convenient access to a three-floor 20,000-square-meter transportation hub, direct connection to the MRT, a vibrant retail center, and several prominent landmarks in close proximity. This prime location not only enhances our team’s daily commute but also offers a range of amenities for their convenience and enjoyment.

With a seating capacity of around 260, our new office proudly reflects our remarkable growth in Manila since we opened it 9 years ago. It perfectly accommodates our growing team and aligns with our expansion plans for our Global Design Hub in Manila. The increased capacity will facilitate our efforts to attract top talent, undertake larger-scale projects, and enhance client services, driving our continued success.

We are proud of this milestone and believe that our new office reflects our commitment to providing a work environment where every team member can reach their full potential, and essentially to better serve our clients around the globe.

Huge shoutout to all team members who made this a reality! This step marks a new achievement in our ongoing journey, one that represents growth, collaboration, client commitment, and our pursuit of constant progress.


About Black & White

Black & White Engineering is a dynamic and innovative engineering company that specialises in delivering innovative and high-quality MEP design engineering solutions for a wide range of industries. We are known for delivering innovative, effective, and simple sustainable solutions to complex challenges in a fast-paced environment.

Backed with more than 15 years of experience, our growing One Global Team of highly skilled engineers and specialists works collaboratively to meet the diverse needs of our clients.