Phillip Hilton-West Appointed CIBSE Chair


Phillip has recently taken over the CIBSE North East Regional Chair role which involves managing and working with the local North East Region Committee to organise technical seminars and other technical and non technical activities throughout the region.

The aim is to support the local Building Services Engineering (BSE) community, for those developing / enhancing their careers and those coming into the industry from local education providers. Particular attention is given to schools to raise awareness of STEM and its direct correlation to the BSE sector, which will help increase the intake into the Engineering profession.

Within the local region, Phillip’s role also involves working closely with other institutions and working groups to raise awareness of Engineering and raising the profile nationally of the North East construction projects.

Phillip is also working closely with the national regional committee and CIBSE HQ to support ongoing activities in the BSE industry.

“Being part of the CIBSE committee can be very rewarding and provides great networking opportunities” comments Phillip, “It is a good chance to contribute to the region and the industry”.