Value Engineering starts with Value Assessment of your MEP Consultant


Even though many regions in which we operate in are currently experiencing challenging market conditions, it is more important than ever for clients to employ the right consultants. At Black & White we have retained all the talent and experience that keeps us in the position we are in today – Consultant of the Year. *

The Black & White approach to project delivery is to develop accurate concept designs that determine the course of subsequent stages for efficient design management. Asking questions early can save a lot of redesign and waste later.

We have developed a reputation as the go-to consultancy of choice for many leading developers, contractors and operators who require the reassurance of a second opinion on the design solutions of others, a clear testament of faith in our ability. Black & White are frequently called in by clients to resolve operational issues related to their businesses, caused through the actions of others, that may result in commercial and reputational losses. We understand our client’s businesses and engineer our designs to meet operational needs.

“Our continued focus to add best value to projects by providing simple, best-practice, practical engineering solutions re-pays our client’s extra investment in MEP consultancy fees over and over by the proven reductions we make to projects, capital costs and running costs.” explains Brian Dryburgh, Director, Black & White Engineering.

“We continue to see and hear of so many projects that are poorly designed or lack so much detail (most probably due to lack of fees) that quality MEP contractors have had to increase their prices due to additional associated risk. They often lose or give way to lower-priced, lower quality contractors resulting in even poorer quality buildings, which are then, inevitably, delivered late.”

Clients can often ignore the true difference between value and cost, choosing low costs without due consideration of outcome or consequences.

The old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true when it comes to MEP consulting. There is always someone who will do it cheaper, however good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good! By spending just a little more (in employing the right consultant team) you get a lot more for your money – a much better value project.

The first Value Engineering exercise in any project starts before the consultant is appointed – it is appointing the right consultant on day one. Once a true understanding is achieved between client and consultant the outcome becomes clear and expectations can be aligned. This will allow for a better experience for all involved.

* Winners of three awards in 2018 – Consultancy of the year, at the MEP Middle East Awards; Consultancy of the Year at the MEED Awards; and MEP Engineering Consultant of the Year at the Middle East Consultant Awards.