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The residences at Marina Gate development consist of three residential towers with connected walkways for retail and a wide range of recreational amenities including swimming/spa areas located on the ground, mezzanine, and podium levels.

The majority of buildings in the region are notorious for their excessive energy consumption, which generally falls short of all internationally recognised benchmarks and environmental recommendations. Aside from lack of occupier energy awareness, there are numerous design reasons for this shortcoming including designer awareness, insufficient modelling, inefficient plant/equipment selection, lack of building management systems, correctly implemented commissioning, and so on. However, the main underlying theme usually relates to a lack of innovation by adopting previous inefficient designs to save consultant costs, as well as cuts in construction costs.

For the Marina Gate development, Black & White has created a highly efficient MEP design. Hopefully, this energy-efficient residential building design and associated cost evaluations can be used as an example to future developers and investors to bring green building discussions on to the agenda, before the concept is dismissed as an unaffordable or wishful list.

The mechanical and electrical design incorporates highly efficient plant and equipment which will ensure reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions when compared to a traditional residential building.  Residents will in turn appreciate the savings on their utility bills.

In addition, the efficient design has reduced the number and type of motors in the building as a whole, which will contribute to a reduction in noise pollution in the development. The design also necessitated closer control of all aspects of the buildings’ ventilation systems and as such, the ‘on-demand’ ventilation is actually capable of providing ventilation when and where it is actually needed. All of which contributes to a more livable environment.