Global Confidentiality Policy Statement

Black & White Engineering (B&W) is committed to respecting privacy and implementing systems that support our dutyof confidentiality and in all our business relationships, and this confidentiality policy explains how we expect our business to treat confidential information.

Our business will unavoidably receive and handle personal and private information concerning employees, projects,clients, partners and our company. As such, we will strive to ensure that this information is well‐protected.

Aims of this policy

The purpose of this Confidentiality Policy is to lay down the principles that must be observed by all who work with B&W and have access to confidential information.

This policy, where relevant, should be read in conjunction with the appointment letter and/or employment contract applicable to B&W employees, and other work rules, policies and procedures applicable to B&W employees.


This policy applies to all B&W employees, contractors, sub‐consultants, temporary employees & work place students (all hereinafter referred to as employees).

Confidential workplace information within B&W is generally broken down into three categories: employee personalinformation, management information and project information.

Employee Personal & Management Information: All personal data of all employees and business management information will be kept safe, secure and up to date in accordance with all local law and legislation including the Data Protection Act 2018. Compliance with this act is B&W’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will be adhered to as a minimum in the absence of any regional requirement.

Project Information: All B&W projects will, as a minimum follow signed industry standard forms of appointment which shall typically include straightforward obligations on both parties not to disclose confidential information. The nature of this ‘confidential information’, and how far the obligation extends, will vary between the different forms of contracts.

Standalone Non‐Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Our clients may have specific concerns about confidentiality, driven by the nature of their business or the project, and therefore wish to have a stand‐alone NDA to reinforce the obligations placed on B&W, and in turn, our supply chain.

The B&W QSE technical operating procedures for ‘appointment and project control’ ensure that NDA requirements are considered with our clients on all projects (and maintained where applicable).

Our company wide project NDA register is shared with all staff via our company SharePoint site.